Illnesses are expensive, get a plan and help covering the cost

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Affordable insurance plan for critical illness

Critical insurance policy will provide you with the certain amount of money if you are diagnosing with some illnesses. You can choose to spend your payout in any manner you want.

How does it work?

You will have to pay monthly instalments towards the critical illness policy for a time period of 5 years to 50 years. You need to make a claim for your pay-outs.We will have to assess all the information before we pay a claim.

What does critical illness insurance cover?

The medical condition requires extensive medical care and treatment then family members can avail this policy for payments.

Can I afford a critical illness insurance?

Our critical illness insurance cover might shock you. It's 100% budget-friendly! You can either tell us how much cover you want or your monthly affordability and we will provide you with the best available option.

Do I need a critical illness insurance?

You might have other sources when you are critically ill like state or government pension, benefits, or sick pay. But will that be sufficient? Isn't it better to think about a backup? It's better to take precautions now than find a cure later.

Life Insurance and Critical illness insurance are not the same. But you can opt for both the insurance together. Make sure to check out our income protection policy and life insurance to have a better understanding of choosing what's best for you!

And don't worry if you can't decide, our advisors will help you in choosing the suitable option according to your needs.

Cancelling your insurance policy!

You can usually cancel your policy and get a full refund in 30 days. However, you'll still be able to cancel your policy after 30 days but you won't get any refund.