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Planned for mortgage repayment or similar debts, decreasing life insurance can pay cash amount on your death or if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. When going for a decreasing life insurance policy you will be get covered for a fixed period.

How do decreasing life insurance works?

When buying a home, we consider a mortgage insurance policy. The decreasing life insurance is designed to cover a repayment mortgage This policy will pay cash amount if you pass away or you are diagnosed with an illness with life anticipation of fewer than 12 months. With such type of insurance, the cover amount will get reduced as the mortgage repayment is reduced. You will be able to choose the cover amount and the tenure of your policy. Make sure your outstanding mortgage amount matches the amount of cover. You will get an option to take out the policy in a single or joint name.

Can I combine critical illness and decreasing life insurance policy?

Like all other policies, you can combine these 2 policies. You have to make a note of the premium as it will increase due to the additional level of insurance. If you are going for a low-cost decreasing insurance policy, you will not be able to get the benefits of a critical illness policy

Do I need decreasing life insurance?

To go ahead with any life insurance completely depends on your situation and circumstances. Our decreasing life insurance plan is intended to meet the prerequisites of people who need help for covering repayment mortgages. If you are searching for a policy that could help repay a mortgage with peace of mind to you, that you are family is stress-free and living their own life if something happens to you. Decreasing life insurance will be a suitable option. Our calculator will help you to understand more and our advisors will guide you in choosing the right option.