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Many people are stressed that when they die they will not have enough money for their funeral and their family members will be left with the bills. A funeral insurance plan is planning your funeral in advance and it can be as detailed as you want.

How does it work?

Prepaid funerals give you an opportunity to plan your funeral in advance. The cost of the funeral is calculated by today’s price and doesn’t increase over time. You can either pay a lump sum amount today for your funeral cover or in instalments. You can arrange a funeral plan for yourself or for someone else as long as it is held in UK.

What's the benefit of a prepaid funeral plan?

Our experts will help you by ensuring that your wishes are followed and there is no disagreement amongst family. By arranging this plan and by giving details of the funeral, your last wishes, and cremation you are relieving your family. Your family doesn’t require money for your funeral. You can also choose how you want your funeral to be. You do not have to worry if you'll leave behind something to cover your funeral costs

How much will it cost?

Your funeral expense insurance depends on your budget. Our experts will explain you all our plans, and you can choose whatever suits your budget. With us you can have a certainty that your family and friends don't have to stress about organizing your funeral. You'll have a peace of mind because we won't charge you or your family member a penny after your funeral plan is setup.

Still not sure?

We understand that it's not a decision to be made without talking to an expert. Our expert advisors will help you with the customized plan suitable to your needs.