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Protect your family against the unexpected

Level term life insurance is a type of cover that help your loved one financially when you pass away. You'll be able to choose the length of the policy based on that insurance company will help you with the premium amount you have to pay each month.

What is level term insurance?

Amount insured and your monthly premiums are fixed throughout the tenure, so the amount you pay out and premium will not increase or decrease with inflation. If you don't pass away during the tenure of your policy, your level term life insurance will lapse - and you'll need to apply for a new policy if you want to go ahead with life insurance policy

Why level term insurance policy?

When you apply for a level term life insurance policy, you’ll be asked to help on a policy tenure. Based on this, and on other factors, the cost of your monthly premium will be calculated. You’ll then make the payment for your premium each month for the tenure of the policy. If you pass away during the policy term, your family members will receive the amount set at the start. If you are alive during the policy term, you’ll simply stop paying you premiums and will need to take out a new policy.

What are the benefits?

The solidity and certainty of the payment make level term cover attractive, particularly if your insurance is going to cover day-to-day living costs, or the principle on an interest-only mortgage.

What are the requirements?

Your requirement for level term life insurance will depend on a few factors. You should consider how much your dependents rely on your income, any repayment you have left on your mortgage and how much you can afford to pay for your premiums each month.