50 plus life insurance is good defensive game plan

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Any preparation is better than no preparation

Over 50's life insurance is lets you leave money behind after you die. It can be used to clear off your debts, or towards the funeral plans. With digital approach and automated calculators, we will be able to help you with the affordable and suitable plans.

Do I life need a 50 plus insurance?

If you want to leave behind something in terms of money for your loved ones, then you should definitely consider our 50 plus life insurance.If you just want to leave an amount to cover your funeral plan, then we do have 50 plus funeral plans in our list of policies.

How much cover can I get?

With the help of our customized plans, our experts will tell you how much you need to pay monthly. Or you can tell us your affordability for each month, and we will help you with the best insurance policy.

Can I get an Over 50' plan?

Yes, if your age is between 50-80 and you are a permanent UK resident then you are guaranteed to get accepted without any medical/ health question asked.

What to consider-

  • Your pay out could be less than what you paid in, depending on how long you live.
  • We will only pay after your demise, as this is not a saving or an investment.
  • We will not pay the cover amount if you die within the first year.The pay -out will be what you paid in.
  • (If it is an accidental death, the cover amount will be given.)
  • We are building trust by paying 100% claims and we pay them real quick.
  • We are proud to help and protect families for years.